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Senior Exercise Classes Near Me

SeniorSneakers Program and Gym Access

    Stay active as you age to reduce the risk of diseases and increase wellness. Reduce the risk diabetes and heart disease by engaging in physical activity. By staying as active as possible, older adults increase wellness and improve overall health.

    Join in the fun and meet new people with SilverSneaker workouts and exercise classes. Keep reading to learn more about the SeniorSneaker classes offered at Fitworks.

  • FITWORKS offers Silver Sneakers exercise classes.

    SilverSneakers Classic

    Have fun moving to music and performing exercises designed to increase muscle strength and improve movement. Just for seniors, SilverSneakers workouts get you active regardless of fitness level. An instructor will lead you through exercises and functional movements using a provided chair, ball, small hand weights, and band.

  • Try yoga classes for seniors.

    SilverSneakers Yoga

    Build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance with slow movements and stretching in a SilverSneakers yoga class. Using a provided chair, the class focuses on mind awareness and body movement, while stretching certain areas of your body. Practice deep breathing and connectivity with this low-impact senior exercise class.

  • Try senior exercise classes.

    SilverSneakers CardioFit

    Once you’ve mastered a SilverSneakers workout, take the next step in your exercise journey. More standing movements, marching, and walking takes the pace up a notch in a SilverSneakers CardioFit class. Build upper-body and core strength while increasing cardio endurance. Bring heart-healthy aerobics to your workouts using low-impact movements.

  • Learn about exercise classes for seniors.

    SilverSneakers Balance and Stability

    Just what the doctor ordered! Improve your balance and strength to decrease pain and increase daily movement. Movements focus on strengthening ankles, knees and hip joints, while improving reaction times. A SilverSneakers Balance and Stability senior exercise class increases your awareness, prevents future injuries and improves your safety.

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