• Finding a personal trainer near you.
  • Learning the equipment with a personal trainer.

Personal Training in Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati, and Dayton

Many people who are looking to accelerate their fitness or weight loss goals may be stuck in a daily workout routine that’s just not delivering results. This is where a personal trainer can step in to meet their fitness goals.  
However, many may not want to jump in feet first because of personal trainer cost. The cost of a personal trainer is definitely a consideration, but at FITWORKS we want you to be the best that you can be, so we are offering our members to test the waters first in choosing a personal trainer. 

Sign Up for Your Free Personal Training Session

If you are a current FITWORKS member, we invite you to test the benefits of a personal trainer absolutely FREE! Work with one of FITWORKS’ highly accredited, certified personal trainers for free and see for yourself that the benefits significantly outweigh the cost of a personal trainer. You are worth investing in yourself and in your health.


Personal Training Options

FITWORKS offers a variety of flexible package plans including: 

  • 30 or 60 minute training sessions
  • One-on-one training plans
  • Family training plans
  • Small group training plans

Personal Training Help You Achieve Results Faster

Certified personal trainers eliminate the guesswork and provide you with guidance and support over the course of a custom designed workout plan meeting your unique needs.
Personal training helps you achieve your goals by focusing on motivation, instruction and education for the results you desire. With your personal trainer, you will:
  • Set attainable, results-driven goals
  • Schedule a realistic workout routine, combining cardio and strength training
  • Increase your motivation
  • Learn how to avoid common exercise mistakes
  • Learn proper exercise techniques necessary to prevent injury
  • Learn about body composition and maintain lean muscle mass
Specifically, the physical benefits of personal training are:
  • Decrease body fat
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and core strength
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Find an expert fitness trainer for your needs

We have personal trainers present at every Fitworks location who are ready to help you reach your goals. Explore our expert fitness training staff members here, and see what their specialties are! We’re sure we have a personal trainer who is trained and ready to give your workout the boost it needs. We provide small-group training and TRX suspension training at some of our locations as well, if you’re interested in trying a different type of personal training.

Cost of a personal trainer

There’s no risk in trying personal training with a free pass from Fitworks. Click here to sign up for your free personal training session, and get ready to experience the difference a personal trainer can make for your fitness needs! 

Contact us to get started with your personal trainer today.