Membership Success Stories

Member Success Stories

The concept at the heart of Fitworks is that fitness works. Fitness works to help you look better, feel better and live better. The following stories are great examples of how fitness is one of the greatest gifts of life that keeps on giving.

  • Fitworks Highland Heights Sucess Story

    Steve, FITWORKS Highland Heights

    Lost 79 pounds in eight months

    "Getting results builds and restores confidence. Hopefully my journey can inspire others to lose weight and...find a program that works best for them."

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  • Heather


    Becoming a member at FITWORKS was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You will not find a more supportive and inviting gym in Northern Kentucky. Since May 2014, I have lost 40lbs, 33.5 total inches, and 11% body fat.

    I started with group fitness class in May 2014 and added in Team Training classes in June 2014. Lisa does an amazing job with these small group classes that are great for any fitness level. Because of Lisa, I signed up for personal training three times a week. Bree has taken my training to a whole different level and pushed me to achieve things I would never attempt on my own.

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  • Jana
    Fitworks Stow

    Hi, my name is Jana and this is my success story.  Five years ago in 2010 I lost close to 80 lbs in a period of just 8 months!  I went from a size 24 to a size 12.  Standing at 5'10" tall a size 12 is pretty thin for me. I credit much of my success to Fitworks! 

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  • Jessica

    Why did I join team training? It starts with the team. Team training truly is a team effort. Even if you have never worked out before, team training is the way to go. The trainer, Lisa, will check with you at the beginning of the session to see if you have any injuries or concerns. She checks with you throughout the session to check your progress. The other participants push you to keep going. 
    There have been many times during a challenging workout I find myself thinking of my happy place as Lisa continues to push me!
    Team training is also a family affair!  I convinced my husband and son to attend a team training session. We all had a challenging workout!  It was difficult but, they returned for another session.
    Above all, I love team training and enjoy going to the gym to get a great workout. There are many days when I text Lisa and let her know that I am still feeling the workout!

Let us help you find your custom fit at a Fitworks gym near you. Our equipment, services and personnel have helped thousands of members achieve their fitness goals. Whether your goals are simple or demanding, Fitworks can help you be the next success story.

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