Member Success Stories: Steve

FITWORKS Highland Heights

Hey, everyone! My name is Steve, and I have been a member of FITWORKS since July, 2012. I couldn't be any happier to work out in a great gym facility with a great staff of trainers, as well as meeting and greeting all the other people I see working out there on a regular basis. Thank you, FITWORKS family. Because of your inspiration and efforts, I am now officially down 79 lbs. in eight months!

My journey to fitness began when I went to the doctor for a routine visit. When I stepped on that scale, it read 300 lbs. Not a good look on my 6’1” frame. Mind you, I was already taking medication for treating high blood pressure. The next piece of news the doctor hit me with was that I was going to be advised to take cholesterol medication. Upon hearing that, it was time to make a change. A few hours after I came home from the doctor's office, I forced myself to stand squarely in front of the bedroom mirror. The reflection I saw was that of an overweight, non-confident, unhappy dude who didn't feel great physically or mentally.

“It was time to make a change.”

On March 5, 2014, I decided to get serious about my health and get back to a more structured plan of working out three to four times a week that I could follow consistently. My training consists of 10 minutes of warm-up cardio and upper body workouts on Mondays and Fridays, and cardio and lower body workouts on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Along with that, I cut out all fast food completely. I now eat clean - three moderately-portioned sized meals per day; no snacking between meals; just proteins (no red meat), fruits, veggies and starches; drinking eight glasses of water per day. 

My shirt sizes went from 3XL to L; pants size 44 to 34; coat size 54 to 46; neck size 19” to 16 ½.” In terms of my health, I wasn't able to completely get off high blood pressure medication due to my family history, but I was able to get my medication reduced. Due to the progress made with my weight loss, I was no longer required to take cholesterol meds.

“Being fit is a lifestyle that I now truly enjoy.”

Getting results builds and restores confidence. Hopefully my journey can inspire others to lose weight and feel what is important to find a program that works best for them.