Member Success Stories: Joe Salerno


I’ve been involved with fitness for years, and I have had ups and downs related to my health and fitness. Last year, I switched from my old workout center to FITWORKS. Almost immediately, I found motivation to change up elements of my diet and workout routines.

The variety of equipment and facility amenities at FITWORKS opened more possibilities for me to expand my exercises and approach to my workouts.

In addition, and perhaps more significant to me, was the support and encouragement I received from the staff at the club.

Kelly Fisher, Veronica, and Kelsey recognized my hard work and effort I put into my goals, and they wanted me to know it. Their acknowledgment early on in my transformation inspired me to continue working hard. 
My understanding of my own capabilities combined with more opportunities provided to me by the club set me on the path of change once again. As I said, I’ve done this before in previous years where I haven’t been happy with my weight and body type, so I’m not new to this challenge. However, this time around, I realized my age (at 46) is now becoming a factor in achieving my results because every year it gets harder and harder to stick with it. The biggest thing motivating me this time, besides my own personal image, is my daughters. Being single and a father to three teenage girls, I want to have energy and stamina to keep up with them. I plan to be involved and present at significant events in their life.
I’ve found that of all the ups and downs I’ve experienced over the years, this is the first time I am in the right frame of mind to stay on my current fitness path and make it a lifestyle. In previous years, I used to diet and workout. But, then I would slip up and regress to bad habits of overeating, snacking on unhealthy foods and not consistently going to the gym. This time, I’ve made my positive changes into a habit and a way of life. I have no desire to return to my former self, and am taking every step I can to see the best in me become expressed on the outside.