• Group strength training at FITWORKS.
  • Find the right group strength training classes.

Group Strength and Weight Training Classes Near Me

    Increase your body strength with weight training by taking a group strength training class at Fitworks. Get closer to your fitness goals by building strong, lean muscles. Have fun and get results at the same time with our group fitness classes.

    Find the strength and weight training class that is right for you.

  • Group power strength training program.

    Group Power Program

    Your hour of power! A fun 60-minute barbell program, Group Power delivers results for all ages and fitness levels. Strengthen all your major muscles with simple, effective strength training movements. Amazing instructors and fantastic music lead the way in these classes.

  • Muscle conditioning group strength training.

    Total Body Strength Training

    A muscle conditioning class adds strength from head to toe. In this full-body weight training class, you build strength by performing different types of movements using hand weights, barbells, plyometrics, bands, and balls. Get an awesome, effective workout with this strength training class!

  • Ball strength training classes.

    Stability Ball Core Strength Training

    Using a therapy ball, this group strength training class offers a total body workout by focusing on the core muscles.

  • Abs and core group fitness training.

    30-Minute Core Strength Training

    This 30-minute group strength training program gives you the great abs you have always wanted!

  • 20/20/20 group strength training.


    Three core strength training workouts make up this group fitness class. In this class, instructors lead exercise programs focused on boosting cardio, working muscles, and stretching abs.


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