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Group Cardio, Aerobic, and Dance Exercise Classes Near Me

Get a Cardio Workout with Fitworks’ Group Fitness Classes

Fitworks’ group fitness workouts get your heart pumping with cardio, aerobic and dance exercise classes. The classes at our Ohio and Northern Kentucky locations welcome all fitness levels and ages. Certified trained fitness instructors lead fun and challenging cardio workouts in our group aerobic, dance, and fitness classes.

Read the class descriptions below to learn more about group fitness and exercise offered at Fitworks. Our fitness classes vary by location, so choose your location to see a list of group exercise classes available near you.

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Cardio Fitness Classes

Get your heart pumping and blood flowing to burn more calories with a cardio workout in a group fitness class. When paired with strength training, cardio exercise helps speed up weight loss and burn fat.

Fitworks's group cardio classes include:

  • Group Kick®
  • Step Cardio
  • Kickboxing 
  • Bootcamp
  • and Cardio Conditioning Challenge.

Learn more about Fitworks' group cardio fitness classes

Aerobic and Dance Classes

Aerobic and dance exercise classes provide a great cardio workout. Have fun with friends while getting a high-energy, fat-burning workout with group aerobic or dance classes. With these classes, you won’t feel like you’re exercising! Try Group Groove or one of our various Zumba classes at Fitworks.

Learn about Fitworks' group aerobic and dance classes

Group Strength Training Classes

Building stronger, leaner muscles helps your body burn fat and get you closer to your fitness goals. Get quality, knowledgeable instruction on proper form to build muscle and increase strength. Improve your health and wellness with a group fitness class focused on strength training. 

Fitworks strength training classes include:

  • Group power
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Strength ball training
  • Ab & Core strength training
  • 20/20/20

Learn more about Fitworks' group strength training classes

SilverSneakers Senior Fitness Classes

Stay active, regardless of fitness level with a group fitness SilverSneakers class for seniors. Fitworks offers a variety of SilverSneakers classes designed to get you moving, while providing an opportunity to make friends and be social. Physical activity reduces the risk of diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.

SilverSneakers classes at Fitworks include:

  • SilverSneakers Classic
  • SilverSneakers Yoga
  • SilverSneakers CardioFit
  • SilverSneakers Balance and Stability

Learn more about Fitworks' SilverSneakers senior fitness classes

Spinning (Cardio Workout) Classes

Experience an exciting, heart-pounding cardio workout by riding a stationary bike in a Spinning class. These cardio workout classes simulate bike riding outdoors over flat roads and hills to boost your heart rate and strengthen muscles. Go on an adventure as the instructor leads you on a virtual group bike ride. Before your first class, learn about spinning basics, such as common movements or what to bring to class. 

Learn more about Fitworks' spinning cardio workout classes

Yoga and Pilates Classes

Build strength and increase flexibility with low-impact exercise and stretching in a yoga or Pilates class. In these group fitness classes, focus on mind awareness and body movement, while targeting certain areas of your body. If you’re new to yoga or Pilates, learn more about what to expect or what to bring for your first class. 

Learn more about Fitworks' yoga and Pilates group classes

Do you have specific questions or want more information about group fitness and cardio workout classes? Contact us today.