Membership Success Stories

Cleveland Member Success Stories

The concept at the heart of Fitworks is that fitness works. Fitness works to help you look better, feel better and live better. The following stories are great examples of how fitness is one of the greatest gifts of life that keeps on giving. Start your free trial today and become our next member success story.

  • Kelsey Kozjek, FITWORKS Mentor

    Went from a size 18 to a size 6

    "I now have confidence that I never thought I'd have, and I love what I see in the mirror. This wasn't a diet; it was a lifestyle change."

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  • Amanda Ansorge, FITWORKS Mentor

    Went down a dress size and improved her energy

    "Through FITWORKS, I found a love and passion for fitness. I find myself pushing harder and harder each day to get closer to my goal."

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  • Joe Salerno, FITWORKS Mentor

    Made diet and fitness changes into a habit and way of life

    "The variety of equipment and facility amenities at FITWORKS opened more possibilities for me to expand my exercises and approach to my workouts."

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  • Sophia Platt, FITWORKS Mentor

    Worked with personal trainers to improve leg strength after surgery

    "I will be forever grateful for all the time and support I have received from the trainers, staff and my daily workout friends at FITWORKS. They have become my family who assist me with my continuing journey to tolerate the pain, to keep my leg strong and to maintain my weight loss."

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  • Fitworks Highland Heights Sucess Story

    Steve, FITWORKS Highland Heights

    Lost 79 pounds in eight months

    "Getting results builds and restores confidence. Hopefully my journey can inspire others to lose weight and...find a program that works best for them."

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  • Lori Ahart, FITWORKS Rocky River

    Lost 30 pounds and two pant sizes in 12 months

    "FITWORKS is like a family - they look out for you, push you when you need it, and encourage you when you're doing well."

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  • Malcolm Poole, FITWORKS Willoughby

    Lost 100 pounds

    "Malcolm has received great results because he understands that a successful program involves all the components - weight training, cardio and nutrition."

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Let us help you find your custom fit at a Fitworks gym near you. Our equipment, services and personnel have helped thousands of members achieve their fitness goals. Whether your goals are simple or demanding, Fitworks can help you be the next success story.