Membership Success Stories

Cincinnati Member Success Stories

The concept at the heart of Fitworks is that fitness works. Fitness works to help you look better, feel better and live better. The following Cincinnati gym stories are great examples of how fitness is one of the greatest gifts of life that keeps on giving. Start your free trial today and become our next member success story.

  • Trista Sebastian, FITWORKS Anderson

    Built muscle and definition

    "I've become addicted to working out, when I used to dread it."

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  • Alison McCarthy, FITWORKS Norwood

    Lost 60 pounds, 14 inches and 9.5 percent body fat in just 15 weeks

    "I can honestly say that my mind and body have been transformed in making a decision to join FITWORKS and work with a personal trainer."

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    Victoria Koster, FITWORKS West Chester

    Lost 50 pounds 

    "I  know a lot of people say this, but if I can do it, so can you. The training staff here is amazing and will work with any of your needs."

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  • Karen Beiser, FITWORKS White Oak

    Got back into a workout routine after open heart surgery 

    "I  couldn't believe that I lost 20 pounds since I began at FITWORKS White Oak. Training regularly with Jeremy made it seem almost effortless."

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Let us help you find your custom fit at a Fitworks gym near you. Our equipment, services and personnel have helped thousands of members achieve their fitness goals. Whether your goals are simple or demanding, Fitworks can help you be the next success story.