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Workout in FITWORKS Cardio Theater

What is a Cardio Cinema?

Watch movies, TV shows, or sports on a 15' theater screen with Dolby Digital Surround Sound while you use cardio exercise equipment. You won’t even notice that you’re working out as you get lost in the latest action adventure or classic comedy. Our cardio movie theater gives you an experience to keep you moving and motivated.

Entertainment for Your Cardio Workout

At FITWORKS, we believe in keeping your cardio, strength, and fitness training experience fun – and sometimes that means you need a gym with a movie theater. We employ every effort to ensure that unique experience, whether you're at one of our Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, or Dayton, Ohio, area clubs. That's why you'll find a Cardio Theater room at nearly every one of our locations! Some of our health clubs even feature two: one for watching movies and the other for watching TV and sports. And the best part about our cardio movie theater – there's no fee for admission. (Other than a FITWORKS membership of course!)

Cardio Movie Theater - A Unique Approach to Fitness Training

FITWORKS’ cardio movie theater lets you watch your favorite program while you get in a cardio workout. Each cardio theater features giant screens showing movies, TV shows, and sports games in front of wide selection of the latest cardio equipment. FITWORKS amenities help you stay motivated as you work toward your fitness goals. We believe with the right motivation you achieve our motto—results made easy.

Nearly every one of our FITWORKS Ohio locations in Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, or Dayton areas offer a cardio movie theater room. Some of our health clubs have two cardio theaters—one for movies and one for TV and sports.

What’s the best part about our cardio movie theater? It is available to every FITWORKS member.

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