Interested in a cardio class?

Group Cardio and Kickboxing Classes

Get a Cardio Blast with Kickboxing or Bootcamp Classes

Try a group cardio workout class to get your heart pumping, blood flowing and calories burning. It’s essential for those looking to lose weight or tone up with cardio exercise as it increases fat burn. Try a group cardio class at Fitworks to take your fitness to the next level and see results.
  • Try a Group Kick cardio class.

    Group Kick® Cardio Fitness

    Bring it on with Group Kick®! Kick your cardio fitness to the next level this electric 60-minute fusion cardio class. A combination of martial arts and boxing movements define and shape your body, while boosting your self-confidence. Experience energetic music, awesome instructors, and the motivating environment of a group cardio class. Punch, kick and smile your way to a knock out in Group Kick®.

  • Try Step group cardio.

    Step Cardio Classes

    Discover new heights with a step cardio class! Use the step in different positions and heights to strengthen and shape your lower body. Take one step at a time with this compelling 60-minute cardio group fitness class. Energetic music and motivating instructors create a fun group cardio workout experience.

  • Try cardio kickboxing classes.

    Cardio Kickboxing Classes

    Experience a high-energy workout using boxing movements and techniques in a cardio kickboxing class. Throw jabs, uppercuts and punches into the air to pump your heart and burn calories. Sweat like you never have before with roundhouse, front and back kicks.

  • Try Bootcamp cardio classes.

    Cardio Bootcamp

    Join the Fitworks army! Test your endurance and push your limits with a cardio Bootcamp workout class. Train like a soldier with jumping jacks, pushups, running, and lots of cardio movements. Bring a friend to increase the fun of this cardio workout.

  • Try cardio workout classes.

    Cardio Conditioning Challenge

    Challenge your body with a high-intensity cardio workout for 60 minutes. This group cardio class combines new movements with old-school workouts. Fall in love with cardio exercise and workouts with this class.

    Questions about cardio classes like kickboxing and Bootcamp at Fitworks? Contact us to learn more.