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About Us

You can do it. We can help.

FITWORKS empowers you to live healthier and get the results you want. Locally owned and operated, we have a knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the right fitness program and inspiration that works for you and your lifestyle.


We asked our managers, trainers and staff across all locations to help frame the message of why we do what we do, and the results were universally consistent – we have a common mission and share many values.

Tonya B.
Group Fitness Coordinator & Instructor
Rocky River

It’s about helping people. We help people live healthier and feel better.

We’re energized by changing lives – inside and out – because we know how fitness works. This why is even in our name – FITWORKS. We have seen the energy, the joy, the life-changes that happen when people find the right fitness program and stick with it. And, we know it’s not just about changing external appearance. We encourage a change in our customers emotionally and socially, in relationships with others, in job performance, in self-confidence to take on new challenges and in renewed energy.


As we work towards a common mission, we adhere to the following values:

Individuals. We focus on the needs of our members by establishing relationships over time and helping to build fitness plans that work.

Ideals. We help our members uncover the real reasons they want to change, help them to create goals, and help them to articulate and envision a better version of themselves. Then, we celebrate results.

Roderick D.
Highland Heights
Member Representative

Health. We know good health is one of the greatest gifts of life that keeps on giving. We believe in it. We want to share what we know – how to get fit and stay fit.

Smiles. We’re positive people. Feeling good starts with a state of mind and spreads from there.

Because we value individuals, health and ideals, we have created a new way to think about our member offerings. Visit our “What’s your custom fit?” page, where we encourage members to think about our offerings in terms of their lifestyle, commitment, goals and time.