• Learn about Silver Sneakers classes.

Silver Sneakers (Senior Classes)

    As you age, it’s important to stay active. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of a variety of diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. It’s essential for older adults to stay as active as possible, and senior exercise classes are a great place to start. Join in the fun with exercise classes for seniors – learn about them below.

  • FITWORKS offers Silver Sneakers exercise classes.

    Silver Sneakers Classic

    Have fun and move to music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscle strength and range of movement for daily living. Silver Sneakers classes are specifically for older participants. A Chair, ball, small hand weights, and band are provided.

  • Try yoga classes for seniors.

    Silver Sneakers Yoga

    The focus of these Silver Sneakers classes will be slow movements to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Chair provided.

  • Try senior exercise classes.

    Silver Sneakers Cardio Fit

    The next step for senior exercise classes...more standing movements, marching, walking and taking the pace up a notch.

  • Learn about exercise classes for seniors.

    Silver Sneakers Balance and Stability

    Just what the doctor ordered! We all need balance and stability in our lives. These senior exercise classes will increase your awareness and help you live a safer life.

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