Try fitness dance classes.

Dance Exercise Classes

    Fitness dance classes are the perfect workout for those who love to dance and want their workout to be fun. To some, it doesn’t even feel like exercise – and isn’t that what we all want? FITWORKS is proud to have a variety of dance exercise classes you can take advantage of – read below for more information on each of them.

  • Are dance workout classes for you?

    Group Groove

    One of our fitness dance classes, Group Groove, borrows moves from three styles of dance; club, urban and latin. These styles include many types of dance for each such as house, techno, disco and rock n' roll for club, hip hop, rap, R&B, trash jazz and funk for urban and latin includes samba, salsa, house latin and meringue.

  • Try Zumba dance classes.


    Get moving in this 45 minute class of salsa, cha cha, merengue, belly dancing, conga, and more. This cardio fitness workout has great music using creative combinations. No dance experience necessary for these dance exercise classes. 15 minutes of standing abs wraps up this crazy popular fun class! Learn more about Fitworks' Zumba classes and what to expect.

  • Try workout dance classes.


    These dance workout classes are Zumba using hand weights or toning sticks.

  • Fitness dance classes are fun.


    Zumba dance for older adults and beginner--anyone needing modifications and a slower paced fun dance class.

  • Workout in dance exercise classes.


    Zumba with a twist! A chair will be used in these fitness dance classes for support and many different styles of dancing.

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