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Join Us at Our Cardio Theater in Ohio

Where can you attend the movies while getting a great workout? The Cardio Theater at our Ohio health club locations of course! Each Cardio Theater features giant screens where you can watch movies and fun programs while working out on a wide selection of the very latest cardio equipment. Fitness training at our Ohio FITWORKS health clubs is not only fun and engaging, but it's effective at getting the results you desire. Results made easy. That's our motto.

At FITWORKS, we believe in keeping your cardio, strength, and fitness training experience fun – and sometimes that means you need a gym with a movie theater. We employ every effort to ensure that unique experience, whether you're at one of our Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, or Dayton, Ohio, area clubs. That's why you'll find a Cardio Theater room at nearly every one of our locations! Some of our health clubs even feature two: one for watching movies and the other for watching TV and sports. And the best part about our cardio movie theater – there's no fee for admission. (Other than a FITWORKS membership of course!)

Cardio Movie Theater - A Unique Approach to Fitness Training

Here you'll enjoy all the latest flicks on a 15' theater screen with Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and best of all, FITWORKS' Cardio Theaters feature all the latest cardio equipment to keep your body moving. Popcorn is not provided however you'll be having so much fun you won't even miss it!

If nothing else, our Cardio Theater is sure to get and keep you moving in the right direction! With a little cardio and a lot of fun (hello gym with a movie theater!) the results you desire await. Ready to get started? Take advantage of our free trial membership and enjoy the benefits of fitness training at a Cardio Theater at an Ohio FITWORKS today. Movies, cardio equipment, and a big, bad screen how much fun is that?!