Interested in a cardio class?

Group Cardio Classes

Cardio is the perfect workout to get your heart pumping, blood flowing and burn more calories. It’s essential for those looking to lose weight or tone up because cardio directly impacts fat burn. So if you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level and see results, try a group cardio class with FITWORKS.
  • Try a Group Kick cardio class.

    Group Kick

    Group Kick® brings it on! This electric 60-minute fusion cardio fitness program of martial arts and boxing movements will kick your cardio fitness to the next level while defining and shaping your body and self-confidence! Energetic music, awesome instructors, and the environment of a group fitness class will keep you punching, kicking, and smiling! Group Kick will knock you out!

  • Try Step group cardio.

    Step Cardio Class

    Discover new heights with Step! Utilizing the step in many positions and heights, this compelling 60 minute cardio group fitness class strengthens and shapes your lower body, one step at a time. Energetic music and motivating instructors create this fun group experience.

  • Try cardio kickboxing classes.


    These cardio kickboxing classes are high energy workouts with boxing-like movements. Throw jabs, uppercuts and punches into the air. Kick high and low and sweat like no other class.

  • Try Bootcamp cardio classes.


    You’re in the FITWORKS army now! These cardio workout classes involve jumping jacks, pushups, running, lots of cardio movements just like you are in basic training. Bring a friend and let the fun begin.

  • Try cardio workout classes.

    Cardio Conditioning Challenge

    A high intensity cardio workout that will challenge your body for one hour! This group cardio class features new movements, old-school workouts, watch out, you may just love this class.

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