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Anderson Fitness Center With Your Custom Fit

The FITWORKS Anderson gym is truly an experience! Visit our Anderson fitness center to see how our friendly team, cardio and strength training equipment, and personal training services actually work with you to achieve your goals! 

David Dickey, the Personal Training General Manager, a FITWORKS manager since 2012, and the staff at our Anderson gym would like to personally welcome you to their facility. In addition to the typical fitness amenities and equipment offered at all FITWORKS locations, this Anderson fitness center offers a private personal training studio, and expert personal trainers.

Located on Beechmont Avenue the club is convenient to Anderson, Amelia, Batavia, New Richmond, Mt Washington and Milford and is the most affordable full service exercise facility in the area. Among gyms in the Cincinnati area, our Anderson fitness center also offers the physical therapy services of Sports Therapy, Inc. 


Gyms in the Cincinnati Area: Why Choose FITWORKS?

The concept at the heart of FITWORKS is that fitness works. Fitness works to help you look better, feel better, have more energy, do more, and live healthier, more holistic lives. Good health is one of the greatest gifts of life. And it keeps on giving. We want to share what we know, how to get fit, how to stay motivated and when to change up your program at our Anderson gym.

Let us find your Custom Fit at our Anderson fitness center. Our equipment, service, personnel and nutrition have helped thousands of members achieve their fitness goals. Whether your goals are simple or demanding FITWORKS can help you.

Contact us for more information today!

Equipment & Services at the Anderson fitness center are subject to change.