cardio theater

Fitness Center Amenities at FITWORKS

Your kids can play while you work out in a movie theater – what’s not to love?

At FITWORKS, you’re not just joining a gym, you’re joining a team of people who are championing for your success in your fitness goals, and will do anything we can to help you get there. We know that there are a lot of things that can prevent someone from coming to a workout session, so we equip our fitness centers to remove as many of those barriers as possible to help you feel like you can achieve your goals. To help you out, we have two main amenities that people love: childcare and the cardio movie theaters.

Childcare in Playland

When working toward fitness goals, you don’t have to choose between taking care of your kids and working out. FITWORKS is a gym with childcare for children who are infants to 12-year-olds. The Playland staff is attentive and CPR-trained, and cares about giving your children a great time while you work out elsewhere in the fitness center. Playland isn’t just babysitting either – the childcare workers will often engage children in storytime, arts and crafts, circle time activities, games, and more. Your children will have a wonderful time, and you won’t have to worry about them while you focus on your workout.

Cardio Theater

Working out is so much easier if you’re distracted by a movie or tv show. So why not have a workout center in front of a giant film screen? At several FITWORKS locations, you can do your cardio workout in a cardio theater where you can watch films, television, sporting events, and more. What’s more – these cardio theaters are included with your FITWORKS gym admission. No surcharges for this amazing amenity! If nothing else, the cardio theater is great for getting you moving on days when you might feel like sitting in front of the tv. This theater has helped many people reach their goals while having a blast!

Interested in trying these ameneties?

We have a feeling you’ll love working out at your local FITWORKS gym. Contact us today for information about free trials so you can see firsthand the advantage of doing what works.